Automation of industrial production

One of the leading companies in the region supply products for automation of industrial production.

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NBK SENSOR is a leading company in the field of industrial automation production in the Ukrainian market.

We supply industrial sensors, inductive sensors, capacitive sensors, connectors, reflectors, as well as other actuators and devices for automation of production processes in the metallurgical, machine-building, mining, food and other industries to the market of industrial enterprises of Ukraine and the world.

We are thriving thanks to state-of-the-art technology, building on the world's best advances in industrial electronics and automation, as well as the knowledge and experience of our technical staff.

NBK SENSOR is the official distributor of the Italian company M.D. Micro Detectors S.p.A and Pizzato Elettrica S.r.l. in Ukraine.

You can rest assured of minimum delivery times and minimum equipment prices. In our warehouse, you will find the full range of electronics.

Today we sell a full range of products from photoelectric, ultrasonic, capacitive and inductive sensors, as well as protective devices and connectors.

We guarantee you an individual approach and professional advice on the purchase of equipment. Our specialists have full information about the products presented in the company's assortment.

We know what fast and quality work means!

NBK Sensor


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leading manufacturers in the world 01

We are the official distributor of the Italian company M.D. Micro Detectors S.p.A in Ukraine. The Italian company MD Micro Detectors offers a wide range of micro detectors, ultrasonic, capacitive and inductive sensors. The company's products are recognized all over the world for their quality and reliability, which is achieved through careful control of the production process, continuous research and development. For many years, Micro Detectors (Diell) has focused on innovating and developing new and emerging industries. As a result, we have been able to work closely with the global industrial giants.


In our range - the whole range of products of the Italian company Pizzato Elettrica. 02

Pizzato Elettrica, Italy, has grown into one of Europe's largest circuit breaker manufacturers for two decades.


NBK Sensor is the exclusive distributor of Sensocar, a leading Spanish company. 03


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